Most Used Bouquet Styles


The Posy or Round Bouquet

The posy bouquet is round. The globular arrangement, and allows for the round shape to be made larger or smaller depending on the bride’s needs and preferences. It is currently a very popular style.

It is the oldest and most traditional of all bouquet shapes. It is incredibly versatile, working well with almost all wedding dress styles, brides, settings, and levels of formality. It can be composed of multiple colors, or a single hue; with uniform flowers, or ones of varying sizes and species.

The Presentation Bouquet

The presentation bouquet first became popular in the early 1900s under the name of Bernhardt bouquets; inspired by the presentation bouquets given to the actress of the day, Sarah Bernhardt. They are long stemmed flowers and foliages that the bride carries cradled in her arm.

It is a stunning alternative to more traditional styles of bouquets, it is very chic, and best suited to modern style weddings. Tastefully designed to be cradled in the bride’s arm and can be as simple or as elaborate as she likes.

They can be single-ended, with stems showing at one end, or double-ended with no stems showing. A gorgeous ribbon provides the finishing touch. Popular floral choices for arm bouquets are calla lilies, gladiolus, orchids, long-stemmed roses, delphiniums, and larkspur.

The Prayer Book Bouquet or Bible Spray

The prayer book bouquet is a small prayer book or bible used as the platform upon which a small bouquet is placed. The design may be a small cluster of flowers the size of a corsage which is placed on top of the prayer book and can be attached with ribbons or a small armature to prevent damage to the book.

Another way of carrying a prayer book is to place a single flower stem through the center of the book.

Cascading Bouquet

The cascading bouquets were originally referred to as shower bouquets. This bouquet resembles a waterfall. The flowers “spill” out of the front of the bouquet, and are best for formal settings. It does require a lot of flowers though, as the base is bulky and the flowers trail downwards, roundish at the top but pointy at the bottom. Almost any flower can be used in this style.

The Pomander Bouquet or Kissing Ball

The pomander bouquet is also known as a kissing ball. A pomander is a ball of flowers suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon.

Adult attendants can carry pomanders, but young attendants such as flower girls and junior bridesmaids most often carry them.

The Loose-Tied Arrangement

The hand-tied bouquet is a loose-tied arrangement. Use a loose bouquet for a relaxed tone. The loose bouquet (also referred to as organic or hand-tied) is exactly what the name says. A collection of loosely tied flowers and ribbon, this bouquet lends an air of relaxation and tranquility. They are ideal for outdoor venues or beach weddings.

This type of bouquet consists of a simple gathering of flowers, bound and tied with ribbon with stems left exposed. Queen Anne’s lace, phlox and cosmos are magnificent examples of this style.

This is a beautiful choice for an outdoor wedding with that just picked from the garden look. It is arranged in a looser manner with the stems left longer and a large ribbon or exotic fabric tied together.

The Basket Bouquet

The basket bouquet has flowers arranged in a beautifully shaped shallow basket and is usually and more often used in a garden or garden-like wedding setting.

The basket bouquet may be carried by the bride, but are most popular with and often carried by flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

The small basket keeps their little hands occupied and out of mischief.

2015 Trends


Bridal Bouquet Trends for 2015 -The garden style bridal bouquet has been popular for many years now. However, the style is evolving according to Leanne Kessler, owner of the Flower Design Institute. It still has that “just gathered from the garden” look but now the bouquet is larger, more loosely constructed with draping foliage and a wider and more exotic range of flowers.